Public Verdict Foundation


The Public Verdict Foundation (PVF) was set up in February 2004 with a mission to create an environment of intolerance towards any forms of arbitrariness in Russian society, to ensure civilian oversight of law-enforcement bodies and to facilitate the comprehensive reform of the law-enforcement system. The Foundation's work includes providing professional legal, informational and psychological support to the victims of human rights abuses committed by Russian law-enforcement bodies, launching and participating in the elaboration of recommendations on the eradication of arbitrariness and on the reform of the law-enforcement system, carrying out analysis and research in the sphere of human rights and law-enforcement bodies and presenting the results of this analytical work and initiating discussions on the basis of these results. PVF also focusses on the promotion of elaborated recommendations and international standards of human rights in the practical work of the law-enforcement system through negotiating with state authorities, conducting public campaigns, organizing and carrying out trainings for officers of the law-enforcement system, contributing to the spread of best Russian and international practices of the comprehensive rehabilitation of people whose rights have been violated by officials, as well as supporting the professional growth of regional partner organisations through seminars, internships and regular consulting and methodological support of their work.



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