Promo-LEX Association


The Promo-LEX Association is a non-government organization focused on promoting democratic values, the development of a strong civil society, and implementation of internationally recognised human rights standards in the Republic of Moldova, including the Transnistrian region. The Promo-LEX team consists of young human rights activists who provide pro bono legal assistance to victims of rights abuse, undertake strategic litigation, conduct human rights research and monitoring, and lobby relevant agencies. The group disseminates its information by publishing reports and studies and hosting public events. It also leads human rights and democracy trainings and works to develop and strengthen the capacity of fellow NGOs, particularly those in the Transnistrian region. The organization’s priority issues for research and advocacy include access to justice and effective remedy for residents of the Transnistrian region, freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment, respect for the rights to liberty and security of the person, and efforts to stop violence against women. The organization also runs a program to increase citizens’ trust in the democratic process in Moldova.



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On April 17 2015, the de facto Security Committee (or the KGB) of the separatist Transnistrian region of Moldova issued a statement describing civil society organisations which receive funds from abroad and are active on the territory of Transnistria as a threat to Transnistrian security.

The European Court of Human Rights established a violation of the right to freedom of assembly and association in the case Promo-LEX and others v. Moldova (Application no. 42757/09).

On 19 October 2012, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights ruled on the cases of Catan and v 27 Others v. Moldova and Russia (no. 43370/04), Elena Căldare and 42 Others v. Moldova and Russia (no. 8252/05), Eleonora Cercavschi and 98 Others v. Moldova and Russia (no. 18454/06).