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The Index on Censorship is a registered international charity with headquarters in London. Index is founded on the belief that freedom of expression is the foundation of a free society, and for more than 40 years it has defined and defended this right.

Through its campaigns, Index challenges threats to free expression and gives a voice to journalists, writers, artists and activists who have been prevented from speaking out. Its magazine and website provide a forum for reporting, analyzing and discussing the latest developments for freedom of speech. Index’s international programs promote human rights and give practical support to governments, the media and arts organizations. Index provides training and resources to NGO partners.

The organization raises awareness about abuses of free expression. Through journalism and analysis, high profile debates and innovative campaigns, Index seeks to set the agenda for free expression in the digital age and to help governments, policy makers, and media and arts organizations to navigate its complexities. Index’s campaigns challenge threats to free speech by governments, media organizations, businesses and laws. As well as building online support, Index lobbies governments, the Council of Europe and the UN. Index has regional editors located in China, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Russia, sub-Saharan Africa, Thailand and Tunisia.

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