ECIT Foundation


ECIT Foundation (on European Citizens’ Rights, Involvement and Trust) was established as a public foundation under Belgian law on 3 June 2015. In the world of European think-tanks, it fills a gap being the only one to concentrate solely on European citizenship. ECIT Foundation is becoming a resource of know-how, research, and contacts, but also one of support for civil society organisations, academics and policymakers when they work on this theme. So far, the foundation has to its credit a book Piecing together Europe’s citizenship published in English and French. One of the ECIT Foundation's main projects now is “Voters Without Borders”. This project is about political rights and it calls for the reform of the partial rights of mobile EU citizens to vote and stand in municipal and European elections in their country of residence and for the extension of the franchise to achieve true European citizenship with full political rights. The ECIT Foundation is interested in expanding its area of activities beyond the European Union.