Established in 1987, ARTICLE 19 fights for all victims of censorship, defends dissenting voices, and campaigns against laws and practices used to silence. With offices in London, Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico and Senegal, and in collaboration with 90 partners across the world, ARTICLE 19 monitors, researches, publishes, advocates, campaigns, sets standards and litigates on behalf of freedom of expression wherever it is threatened. By providing expertise on international human rights standards and legislation that protects the right to speak and right to know, ARTICLE 19 is able to strengthen national capacities, as well as build or reform institutions and policies to protect the free and transparent flow of information, particularly in countries emerging from conflict, war, genocide or repression. The organization champions freedom of expression, including freedom of information, as a fundamental human right that is also central to the protection of other rights. ARTICLE 19 also campaigns to safeguard pluralism, independence and diversity of views within in the media, promotes the right to know, especially in poorer communities, and advocates for the implementation of freedom of information legislation to ensure transparency and strengthen citizens' participation.



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The awards shine a spotlight on individuals fighting to speak out in the most dangerous and difficult of conditions.

60 non-governmental organisations from all over the world, including about 20 members of the Civic Solidarity Platform, signed a letter calling for England libel law reform, including limiting corporations ability to use libel law to silence civil society critics.