Human Rights Matter

Who we are

Human Rights Matter (HRM) was conceived in November 2013 in Berlin, Germany by enthusiastic human rights activists and lawyers, who sought to fight against violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms around the world by engaging activists and groups to act collectively.

The Team

The organization is based in Berlin, Germany. Our office is situated in Pangea-Haus, a center dedicated to peaceful intercultural interaction. Our members hail from three continents and speak a variety of languages, such as German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian and Tajik. They hold degrees in German law, European and international law, human rights and humanitarian law, public policy and international relations, to name a few.

What and how we do?

Defending Defenders

HRM is engaged in protection of the rights and freedoms of human rights defenders. As part of our program, we prepare alternative reports for intergovernmental organizations such as the UN and the OSCE, prepare complaints to UN special and treaty bodies, and conduct educational activities on the security of human rights defenders for young human rights defenders and partners. We prepare analytical reports on the state of human rights defenders in specific states, offer recommendations for improvement, and act as intermediaries between human rights defenders who need urgent assistance and organizations that provide such assistance.

We are ready to help human rights defenders regardless of geographical location.

Human Rights in armed forces

HRM represents the interests of victims of human rights violations in the armed forces through the preparation of complaints to UN special and treaty monitoring bodies, prepares alternative reports and lobby adoption of recommendations in intergovernmental organizations, prepares analysis of domestic draft laws and laws, develops analytical papers.

Local Initiative “Seeking Asylum is a Human Rights” (SAIHR)

SAIHR’s team conducts informational meetings with asylum seekers, who have requested protection in Germany and have not been interviewed yet. During the meetings, asylum seeker will learn what rights they have during and after the interview with the federal agency (BAMF). SAIHR involves volunteers, who hold meetings in various languages.


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