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Yuri Dzhibladze, the President of the Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights, presented a position of the Civic Solidarity Platform on challenges to implementation of freedoms of assembly and of association in the OSCE region.
Now more than ever, Azerbaijan’s government should guarantee fundamental freedoms for its people, the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) emphasizes in its groundbreaking new report, The Right to Remain Silent.
Ukraine submitted an official report to the United Nations Human Rights Council within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review. It contains information about the human rights situation in the country during the last four years. The report was presented at the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.
Crude Accountability has published a new report, “After the BTC Pipeline and EITI Validation: Where are Prosperity and Transparency in Azerbaijan?” examining the state of Western oil and gas company operations in Azerbaijan, particularly as pertains to environment, civil society and transparency.
Trial of the oil industry workers from Kazakhstani city of Zhanaozen failed to comply with fair trail standards. This is the main conclusion made by the International Monitoring Mission that included international and Kazakhstani experts, who represented the Civic Solidarity Platform.
Civic Solidarity Platform expressed its support to the suggestion of the Irish OSCE Charimanship to review Human Dimension events.
Azerbaijan’s Critical Voices in Danger report documents findings and outlines freedom of expression violations for the first half of 2012. The report provides insight into how the government continues to punish and prosecute individuals for expressing their opinions and protesting ongoing repression.
The European Union expresses its concern about the recent events and reported loss of life in the Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. We hope that the current clashes will end as quickly as possible and that further casualties will be avoided.
Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights, a member of the Civic Solidarity Platform, invites you to read a policy paper on the EU policy in the area of human rights and democracy. It has been prepared by dr Małgorzata Górska.
In a joint report, the Belarusian Human Rights House and the Human Rights House Foundation, the Civic Solidarity Platform members, underline the lack of willingness by the Belarusian authorities to fully cooperate with the United Nations human rights system.In their repo
The ‘European national policies series’ seeks to map the policies of European states towards Central Asia in the fields of politics and democratic and human rights values; trade and energy; and security and development. Even as the European Union has consolidated its approach to Central Asia, many European countries, including non-EU members, ha
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan E. Méndez, today said he was encouraged by recent legal changes in Tajikistan, like the introduction of a new criminal provision defining torture and providing penalties for it.
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