Reports and releases

As a rule, these violations followed the emergence of various armed groups, first and foremost in Crimea and eastern and southern Ukraine. The targets were primarily pro-Maidan activists and journalists.
The authorities Azerbaijan restrict the right to artistic freedom of expression, particularly with regard to alternative artists and artists considered to be critical of the government, a new report “Creativity under Pressure” says.
9 political prisoners in Belarus are in critical situation and freedom for 32 activists is restricted
Human rights defenders in Serbia warn about a governmental campaign against Human Rights House - Belgrade.
Civil society of Azerbaijan urge the Council of Europe to take Azerbaijan to task for its failure to protect basic human rights.
Civil society of Azerbaijan strongly condemns the detention on fabricated charges of the head of the "Intelligent Citizen" Awareness Center Hasan Huseynli and calls for his immediate release.
Member organisations of the Civic Solidarity Platform today called on the OSCE participating States to extend once more the visit of the group of military and civilian observers from OSCE participating states to the East and South of Ukraine.
As fears grow about further steps to repress civil society in Azerbaijan, the Council of Europe should publicly condemn the new legislation and make clear that such policy is a setback for human rights, said Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) on 6 February 2014.
In a new policy paper, launched in Minsk on 6 February 2014, Index calls for the much-needed reforms of the media field in Belarus.
The EU and Azerbaijan will hold a new round of their annual human rights-focused discussions at a meeting in Brussels on 3-4 February 2014.
The draft of the new Penal Code, proposed by Minister Zlatanova on 21.12.2013, and adopted by the Council of Ministers on 15.01.2014, is an unpleasant surprise for the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.
33 representatives of Azerbaijan's civil society urged the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe today to "act to guarantee human rights protection in Azerbaijan ahead of the country’s chairmanship in the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers".
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