A Ukrainian military officer is reported to have been shot in Crimea. On Saturday the body of a civil activist, kidnapped the previous day, was found in the Cherkassy region.
Aus der Krim wird über die Erschießung eines ukrainischen Offiziersdurch russische Militärs berichtet.
People continue to disappear in Crimea. On Wednesday, information was received regarding the abduction of head of a company. Peninsula authorities intend to ‘clean the media space of Crimea from harmful information’.  
In der Krim verschwinden weiterhin Menschen. Am Mittwoch (2. April) wurde die Entführung des Geschäftsführers eines Betriebes gemeldet. Die Behörden der Halbinsel haben vor, «den Medienraum der Krim von störenden Informationen zu befreien».
Five Ukrainian military officers and an activist are released from captivity, but the fate of five more missing people remains unknown. Crimea
No further abductions have been reported on Tuesday in Crimea, but there are still 11 Ukrainian activists and military officers remaining in captivity. No Ukrainian military units are left on the territory of the peninsula.
Two more military officers were kidnapped on Monday — bringing the total number of people in captivity up to 11. Testimonies of victims and civil rights defenders claim that people in detainment were subjected to torture, beatings and even sexual harassment.
Two more Ukrainian military officers were kidnaped in Crimea. The total of 11 people are now missing. Journalists and activists, who were previously released, report about torture they were subjected to in Russian captivity. Human rights defenders claim a series of violation of fundamental rights and freedoms in Crimea.
Updates: Ukrainian authorities have begun responding to the humanitarian challenges in Crimea and are assisting citizens to depart the peninsula; several activists and Ukrainian military personnel are being held hostage in the Crimea; Separatists and the Russian military continue to storm Ukrainian military units.
The situation in the Crimea has entered a new and bloody phase. A Ukrainian soldier has been killed. Violent attacks on journalists haven’t ceased. 12 people are still missing
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