Joint statements

The Civic Solidarity Platform is gravely concerned about the recent acts of intimidation and harassment targeting well-known Azerbaijani human rights defender Leyla Yunus and her husband
We call for an urgent response from the international community to numerous reports of human rights violations in the Crimea region of Ukraine.
Non-governmental organisations across the region urge the OSCE to act decisively and swiftly to stop intervention into Ukraine and prevent a major security crisis in Europe.
Civic Solidarity Platform urged Thorbjørn Jagland, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, to immediately address the authorities of Ukraine with an appeal to put end to violence and to launch an international investigation into the excessive use of force at EuroMaydan.
The Civic Solidarity Platform, a coalition of 57 human rights organisation from across the OSCE region, expresses its deep concern about the serious clampdown on human rights and fundamental freedoms in Ukraine that is accompanied by violence.
Human Rights organizations from the OSCE region, united in the Civic Solidarity Platform, are following with great concern the reports from Ukraine on cases of violence against civil society representatives in that country
Kiev Declaration: OSCE Should Make Combating Torture a Priority
Civic Solidarity developed a policy document with analysis and recommendations on alarming human dimension issues across the OSCE region and on human dimensions issues in Ukraine
We, participants of the OSCE Civil Society Parallel Conference in Kiev, representing non-governmental organisations from many countries of Europe, Asia and North America, express our grave concern regarding the brutal dispersal of peaceful demonstrations in Kiev, beatings of activists and journalists in various cities of Ukraine and mass violati
According to the official results, the presidential election held in Azerbaijan on 9 October 2013 resulted in a landslide victory for incumbent president Ilham Aliyev, with 85% of the vote.
Members of the Civic Solidarity Platform expressed their concern with increasing usage of methods of punitive psychiatry in the OSCE region, in particular in post-Soviet states. 30 organisations signed a statement calling to denounce the practice of use of compulsory medical treatment for pressure on civic activists.
Members of the Civic Solidarity Platform are deeply concerned about the safety of journalist Sergey Naumov, who was arrested by police in his home town Urgench in Khorazm Province, Uzbekistan on Saturday night, 21 September 2013 and later sentenced to 12 days imprisonment for "hooliganism".
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