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Yuriy Lukanov, journalist, Human Ridhts Information Center (Ukraine) international advocasy specialist 
A new documentary by the Civic Solidarity Platform reveals life in Crimea after it was annexed by Russia in 2014.
The Civic Solidarity Platform presents a new documentary on Ukraine and the changes the country has been undergoing since Euromaidan events.
The main issues of implementation of the Association Agreement: Analysis of the Human Rights Agenda for the participants of EU Ukraine Human Rights Dialogue.
Turkmenistan authorities have started a new campaign of demolishing satellite dishes, aiming at fully blocking independent access to international TV and radio.
The well-known human rights activist Azimjan Askarov was sentenced to life imprisonment on false charges of inciting the murder of a policeman during the mass ethnic unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2010. He is currently serving his sentence in prison in Bishkek.
There was no ground to refuse choosing house arrested as an alternative to the resitrictive measure of arrest against Rasul Jafarov, a human rights defender, who had been arrested in Azerbaijan.
Hope not Hate European Editor Graeme Atkinson gives his take on the EU elections.
Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its efforts to destabilize Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine have dramatically changed international relations and shaken the international order
Far too often, police officers in many European countries resort to excessive use of force against protesters, mistreat persons in detention, target minorities and otherwise engage in misconduct.
Laws, adopted in Ukraine on 16 January, violate the legislative procedures, run counter to international treaties and domestic legislation and seriously restrict rights and freedoms of citizens of the country. These are the main conclusions of the legal analysis done by independent experts of the Centre for Civil Liberties and Euromaidan SOS civic initiative.
This year, in the run-up to and aftermath of Azerbaijan’s October presidential election, the Azerbaijani authorities have been busy working to silence criticism and dissent, imposing severe restrictions on the ability of journalists, bloggers, human rights defenders, civic and political activists, and ordinary citizens to exercise their
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