In Search of New Lives: Situation of Internally Displaced Persons from Crimea

Finding long term solutions to the problems of the displaced persons from Crimea will require a coordinated effort and commitment from Ukrainian authorities and humanitarian organizations.

This is one of the conclusions of a new report, prepared by the International Partnership for Human Right and the Civic Solidarity Platform. “In Search of New Lives: Situation of Internally Displaced Persons from Crimea” was prepared as the result of a fact-finding mission to Ukraine, organised by the Civic Solidarity Platform in April 2014.

The purpose of the mission was to investigate the process of internal displacement from the Crimean peninsula and to examine closely the problems that face internally displaced people (IDPs) in the process of displacement.

26 in-depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted at various locations in Kiev and Lviv with randomly selected respondents. While the general situation of instability and insecurity was pinpointed as a major reason for displacement, some interviewees reported that they or their family members were subjected to physical and verbal abuse. Inability to freely express an opinion on political matters due to the fear of persecution, obstacles for Muslim believers to practice religion and legislative/administrative obstacles of various kinds were similarly identified as conditions that led to forced displacement.

According to the report, any delays in action or mismanagement of the situation can lead to social tensions and hamper the integration of displaced people in their new location. Government of Ukraine should to this end promptly enact a comprehensive legislation that would provide guarantees for IDPs, and ensure that sufficient budgetary resources are allocated to meet the basic need of the growing number of displaced persons.

Full text of the report can be found below: