Ukraine. East and West

The Civic Solidarity Platform presents a new documentary on Ukraine and the changes the country has been undergoing since Euromaidan events.

Ukraine has been attracting attention of the whole world for the second year. The Revolution of Dignity called Euromaidan started in November 2013. It lead to change of the power. Authoritarian president Viktor Yanukovich fled to Russia, where military agression against Ukraine started soon. In spring 2014 Crimea was annexed and the situation in the east of Ukraine, in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, deteriorated.

Ukraine is sure the military conflict was instagated by Russia that send troops and weapons there. The Kremlin says there is a civil war in Ukraine; eastern Ukrainians do not want to abide to the new authorities. Russian propaganda tells about a split between east and west of Ukraine that allegedly is the core of the conflict.

But is there the split in reality? We travelled Ukraine west to east to find out.