Center for Participation and Development


Center for Participation and Development is an NGO, which was created by the group of the civil society activists, experts and public figures with different professional background from Georgia, US and Europe as an entity and in the meantime call for the new policy and practical approaches to the issues of tolerance, citizenship and diversity combining challenges and resources for the adequate development of the civil society in Georgia. CPD works with youth and minorities promoting civil integration and participation of vulnerable groups in decision-making processes, as well as the development of tolerant society in Georgia and in the Eastern Partnership region by raising the level of civic consciousness, harnessing advocacy skills among vulnerable groups, working on formal and non-formal education. Another important direction of work of CDP is protection of human rights defenders.

CPD is a part of the Working Group on Tolerance and Non-Discrimination within the Civic Solidarity Platform. We are represented in the Public Working Group under the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, as well as the Working Group on Minority Issues at the Central Election Commission. CPD is a member of the Tolerance Council at the Office of the Public Defender of Georgia.