UNITED for Intercultural Action


UNITED for Intercultural Action, European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees coordinates, supports and strengthens a network of 560 organizations from 46 European countries. Network members value intercultural communication, diversity, and respect for human rights. The organization focuses attention on cases of direct and indirect forms of discrimination, hate crimes, and intolerance. It works to promote intercultural understanding, equal rights for all, and a Europe without racism. UNITED enables NGOs across Europe to have access to information, support, contacts, advice and the possibility to participate in this network and its campaigns. UNITED actively promotes exchange and cooperation between NGOs from EU- and non-EU-countries. From large, international youth organizations to small, but active antifascist groups, a range of organizations stand together and also contribute to UNITED’s campaigns with their own activities. The organization supplies grass-roots organizations with professional campaign materials (posters, stickers, postcards) for free to ensure broad visibility of UNITED’s issues throughout the continent and strong local impact and media coverage. Every UNITED campaign is dedicated to a specific theme within the general context of anti-fascism, pro-diversity and opposition to discrimination against asylum seekers and refugees.






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