Human Rights House Foundation

The Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF), a non-government organization established in 1989 and located at the Human Rights House Oslo, Norway and in Geneva, Switzerland, is the Secretariat of the HRH Network. The Secretariat works to protect, strengthen and support human rights organizations and unite them in an international network of Human Rights Houses. The Secretariat facilitates the establishment of human rights houses, provides human rights organizations with information about the process of establishing a human rights house and the process of joining the Network, and provides human rights organizations with information about the resources available within the HRH Network. It also advises organizations in the HRH Network on the development of projects and programs, helps to build members’ capacity to conduct advocacy, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise across the Network. The Secretariat maintains close relationships with the organizations of the HRH Network and undertakes lobbying and fundraising on their behalf. It also maintains the HRH Network's website and publishes an annual report and other promotional materials.