International Advocacy Unit

This Unit increases international-level attention to human rights violations and undemocratic trends in Europe and Eurasia by facilitating and supporting the advocacy initiatives of fellow Civic Solidarity Platform members. The Unit has collected a data-base for relevant international key contacts that was shared with the CSP Secretariat, in addition to coordinating and bolstering the advocacy campaigns pursued by the following Civic Solidarity working groups who ask for such support, including: the working group on fundamental freedoms; the working group on combating racism, xenophobia and intolerance; the working group on civil oversight of law enforcement and the judiciary; the working group on reform of international organizations; the working group on crisis advocacy and rapid response; and the working group on security and human rights.

The International Advocacy Unit has experience bringing issues before the OSCE, Council of Europe, EU, UN, and other international and regional bodies and is well-placed to reinforce the messages of the other working groups through targeted, in-person meetings with decision makers. The Unit is available to provide fellow Civic Solidarity members with expert guidance regarding advocacy strategies and action points to raise at the international level. When called upon, the working group can help formulate targeted recommendations to international actors for Civic Solidarity members’ reports or other advocacy pieces, such as alternative reports to UN mechanisms or publications aimed at influencing the EU Human Rights Dialogues. The International Advocacy Unit also informs fellow Civic Solidarity members of upcoming advocacy opportunities. It also provides Civic Solidarity members with updates on current developments regarding international organizations and distributes statements, reports and decisions relevant to each working group.