Join International Day of Solidarity with civil society of Russia!

Civil society is challenged in Russia today - and it is relevant to the situation with civil society all over the world.

Russia is impossible to miss on the world map, and in the world history. Actions of the authorities of this country affect the situation not only in the neighbouring states, but all over the globe. And today civil society in Russia needs help and international solidarity!

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Why 30 April?

On April 30, 1968 the first Soviet human rights newsletter, The Chronicle of Current Events, was published and distributed by dissidents. Later on it became a point of consolidation for the human rights movement and marked the emergence of the first human rights organisations in the Soviet Union.

History repeats itself, both as tragedy and farce, but human beings have a very important ability - to LEARN. As civil society in Russia goes through hard times, NGOs and activists there need our attention and support. It is time to unite and prove that there is an international civil society, for which the common borders are less important than shared values.

We believe in freedom without borders! We believe that the situation in Russia is a challenge for civil society around the world!

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How to join?

There are already groups of people from more than 10 countries - Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, France, etc. participating in the preparation of the Day.

To join the action you can take part in any of the activities listed here and disseminate information about the campaign through Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

Any questions can be sent to:

Injustice happens only when it is accepted!

For detailed information please contact:

Valeria Savchenkova (in Belarus) +375 29 514 73 74

Vladimir Senko (in Ukraine) +38 050 05 38 25

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