Human rights situation in Belarus sees no improvements

The human rights situation in Belarus remained consistently negative in 2012. The lack of progress concerning the release of political prisoners and the continuation of human rights violations were the main cause of self-isolation of the country.

The authorities have not taken any action to improve the political situation in the country, which was reflected in repressive laws and enforcement practices. This is one of the major conclusions made in Human Rights in Belarus in 2012 Review, presented by Human Rights Centre Viasna on 1 April 2013.

During 2012 the Belarusian authorities repeatedly demonstrated contempt for their international obligations to protect human rights, especially in the framework of the UN and the OSCE, the report says.

The book was prepared on the basis of the monthly reviews of the situation of human rights in Belarus in 2012. Each of the monthly reviews includes the analysis of the most important events which influenced the observation of human rights for the given period, as well as the most evident and characteristic features of the abuses registered at that time.

The Human Rights in Belarus in 2012 Review is available for downloading here